August 17, 2011

If you signed up for this newsletter a long time ago and you haven’t heard from me, I apologize. In fact, if you signed up for this newsletter I can guarantee that you haven’t heard from me. That is because I have had some reverses in my health for the past six months and have been unable to work on my website. The good news I have to report is that I am feeling much better, and have been able to post quite a bit of new material over the past few weeks.

This newsletter is titled Possibility. It comes from my favorite saying which is: possibility, probability, predictability. If you think about the words the saying is self-explanatory. My website Motivation and Self Improvement Guide is all about this concept. It is a compilation of articles I have written regarding motivation and self improvement derived from my studies over the past 20 years. If you follow the concepts that I have outlined here, you too can experience taking your life goals and ambitions from possibility all the way to predictability.

In the fall of 1991, during a hypnosis class, I was literally called out in the middle of the night by my spirit guide. At that time, he outlined for me my life’s purpose and plan. My life changed from that day forward. I went on a spiritual quest which has lasted 20 years. I have explored many spiritual practices in order to put definition around my life purpose and plan. I was told of many of the changes that our world is currently experiencing. I was told that my role was to “awaken the others”. I take this charge very seriously and I feel that I have finally found the proper format to share this information by building this website. I encourage any and all of your questions or comments. The website will become interactive in the near future, but for now you can contact me here. As I write this, the U.S. economy is once again on the verge of collapse. No one knows what the aftermath of our most recent debt ceiling crisis and follow-on stock market crash will have on our economy going forward. This is bad news for those nations outside the U.S. as well. They say the stock market is a leading indicator of what will happen four or five months down the road. Our economy was just starting to recover slightly, and now we have this. These are trying times and it is difficult to know how to react.

These times were predicted to me by my spirit guide 20 years ago. The details were not known at that time, as we have free will but I was told that there would be a financial collapse. This deterioration in our financial health has been necessary in order for power to change hands. Many of us have lived through several up and down recessions over the past 30 years but it is nothing like the past three years have been. What is happening is the “elites” who control our money and banking systems are losing their power. It may not seem that they are losing their power as they are still making the rest of us miserable. It’s important that you recognize there are good things happening under the surface. The same people who control our money and banking systems have given us a manufactured crisis to make things worse. This is the result of their trying to control the people and our economy and allowing Congress to be held hostage by those who want to win at any cost. This is not a political statement, as I believe there are those who want to obstruct on both sides of the aisle.

I believe that this time their attempts to create chaos have backfired on them in a big way. By allowing political hacks to make decisions that are so critical to the U.S. and the world’s economies based on politics, they have created the very thing that they did not want –a financial system collapse. It may take several more of these near-collapses to make it happen, but we will finally get a financial system which is fair.

What can one do in this situation? In order to understand this, I need to give you more information as to what is happening. My guides told me many years ago that everyone who is occupying the earth as we approach 2012 is going to be forced to make a choice. That is, they will have to decide if they’re going to turn to the light or to the darkness. While it has been acceptable in the past to straddle the fence, this is no longer going to work. One must now make a choice. What do I mean by turning to the light? It means that you are basically a good person and wish others well . If you are a hardworking, honest individual who is considerate of others you have already turned to the light. If you make decisions with a moral compass as to how they will affect others as well as yourself, you have probably already turned to the light. If you feel that we are one and that we are responsible for all of our earth brothers and sisters no matter who they are, you have already turned to the light.

Most of us are not saints all the time, however. Sometimes we make choices that are purely greedy and selfish in nature. Sometimes those choices hurt other people. Those in darkness have supported these types of choices in the past and even rewarded those who make them. No wonder it has been so confusing to figure out our moral ethics on this planet. In the past those who made selfish choices have been rewarded over and over again. They have been able to do so because those who crave darkness have controlled the earth’s energy. If you have been the benefactor of self-serving actions like this in the past, this is your wake up call to never do it again. If you do so, you will find that the result is something unpleasant.

What we are seeing now is the great shift from darkness to light. You will see that those who cling to darkness are beginning to fail miserably. In the new energy which has now taken hold on the earth, choices made in darkness will no longer be rewarded. That is because the dark forces are no longer in charge.

Change never comes about easily. What we are witnessing the past 3 to 4 years is the back and forth energy of dark forces who are pushing back as they lose power. There are many good things happening on the earth at this time, but they have been overshadowed by the mayhem that has been created by the dark forces.

If you have made the choice to turn to the light, you are a Lightworker. As such, you will find that your life is going to get easier than it has been in the past. Others may be experiencing their downfall, but you will find things easier as long as you stay on the Light path. I would encourage you at this time to go within and start your own spiritual journey if you have not done so already.

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