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December 18, 2014


December 17, 2014

This newsletter is titled Possibility. It comes from my favorite saying which is: possibility, probability, predictability. If you think about the words the saying is self-explanatory. My website Motivation and Self Improvement Guide is all about motivation and self improvement. It is a compilation of articles I have written regarding motivation, leadership and self improvement derived from my experience over the past 20 years. If you follow the concepts that I have outlined here, you too can experience taking your life goals and ambitions from possibility all the way to predictability.

In a Slump? How to get your Mojo back now!

Many times people ask me how to shift themselves out of a motivational slump in their lives. This can be in work, relationships, making money or health.

The process is easy, but it will require some persistence and self-discipline on your part. First, start practicing the art of positive thinking. This page on my website can get you started: Positive Thinking Page As I state on the web page, positive words have a very high frequency and negative words have a very low frequency. When you are in a slump, your body and surrounding energy are at a very low frequency. The purpose of positive thinking and positive affirmations is to raise the frequency of your physical body and your surrounding energy. That means the art of positive thinking takes practice. I would suggest taking 10 minutes every morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon to state all the positive things that you want to happen in your life.

Do this in private, and repeat them one after another many, many times. As you are doing this, feel the surrounding energy. You will find that you will feel lighter and lighter. Try to stay in this energy space after you finish your positive thinking meditation.

Just before you drift off to sleep think of all the things you’re grateful for in your life and feel your frequency rise. Stay in that space as you fall asleep. Tell yourself that you will awaken rested, refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

During the day, listen to the thoughts in your head. There are tips for this on this page of my website called positive self talk: positive self talk Whenever you hear a negative thought, immediately replace it in your mind with the positive opposite thought. Repeat the positive phrase over and over for a few minutes. Tell yourself that you are a positive person who does not think negative thoughts. Be sure not to beat yourself up about having a negative thought. Remember you are building a program of positive thinking to shift you out of your slump. It is going to take some time. Be kind and patient with the most important person in your life—you.

Try this for three days in a row and be diligent about it. If you fail, don’t worry, just continue with your program the next day.

For those who need immediate or critical help, I would suggest following the program that I have outlined on this webpage: Self Motivation

The Power of Music

I often suggest music on this site as a way to open up to meditation. Music can be an incredible way to help you regain your power, heal your body and do your best. Why does this work? I believe it is because the various musical notes have corresponding frequency levels to each of the seven energy centers within your body. As music resonates with the various frequency levels, it massages and opens up these energy centers. It begins to calm and prepare you for meditation.

I also believe that music opens up neural pathways in the brain and connects these to other neural pathways. Having these pathways open and receptive allows you to see possibilities that you would not normally see. It opens you up in ways that nothing else can. It doesn’t really matter what type of music you listen to, but I think that instrumental music is the best. That’s because the notes are pure coming from an instrument and are not interfered with by words or a singer’s voice. You can find this type of music here. Music Meditations The next time you feel stressed, frightened or depressed, put on your headphones or ear buds and turn up your favorite music. You can do this when you’re driving in your car and it will shift you into a good mood immediately. It’s not just that you’re enjoying the music, there is actually a spiritual experience going on. Use this often, as it is a very simple way to shift your mood and keep your spirits high.

Here is an article talking about the power of music and how it can help you in various ways. Music Benefits

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