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The Law of Abundance
Works for You

How does the law of abundance affect your life? Are you living in abundance rather than scarcity? Do you believe in your heart that there are ample resources for everyone and everything on our planet, rather than thinking that “one takes away from the other”? I think for most people the answer is “no”. Most people struggle with creating enough for themselves—money, love, good health and opportunities. We have been led to believe that there is only so much to go around.

The Law of Abundance is real and rules the universe and our planet Earth. You can see this in the ever-expanding universe that we live in. You can see this in nature itself. The seed expands and bursts to become one with the soil and grows into a plant, tree or flower. Each plant, tree or flower produces more seeds (by a large factor) and their offspring produce even more seeds. There is an aspect of infinity to nature. Rain evaporates from the soil to go back up and produce clouds that produce more rain. Plant material dies and mixes with the soil to become nitrogen fertilizer for new plants. Every function of nature screams the law of abundance.

The Law of Abundance Rules the Universe

Why then can’t we seem to duplicate the law of abundance in our own lives? It seems that many people struggle to make this happen. Even though we live in a universe and natural environment that is ruled by the law of abundance, we often struggle to have “enough”.

The answer to this will require that you suspend any disbelief about our earth and what has been happening over the past 200,000 years and beyond. We have been taught to believe that if we work hard enough and long enough, abundance will find us. If we just take that hard work ethic to the limit, good luck will take over and provide for us.

This is not true for everyone. The road to riches is littered with the stories of those who worked hard, who played by the rules and who lost. A friend of my family died recently at the advanced age of 87. He owned his own business and was very successful his whole life. In fact, most everyone thought of him as “rich”. His son lamented to me that even though his dad did everything right and became very successful, he ran out of money in the end and ended up in a nursing home paid for by Medicaid. His son felt that this was unfair and can’t figure out why things work out the way they do.

I’m about to tell you why this happens and I hope you won’t write me off as a conspiracy theorist or a kook. For thousands of years, our planet has been ruled by a group of the “elite” who have had access to all the rules. Don’t you often wonder why certain privileged families are able to ensure that their children and offspring are also successful? This doesn’t necessarily mean that their children are living on an inheritance. More likely, the children have access to the right schools and high-paying jobs in established companies. There has been a community of these “elites” who make it their business to help one another and keep the money among friends.

A really smart student can get into a top-notch school and even get a good job, but unless they somehow gain access (usually by marrying into an elite family) to the elite network, they will never be truly rich and powerful and that is how the elites want it to be. In a fair and just world everyone would be rewarded by the extent of their efforts. That is certainly not true of the world we have lived in.

It has been that way because the elites have been ruling the earth for thousands of years. They plunder natural resources to gain their wealth at the expense of our planet and everyone else. They have made it their business to put themselves and their friends into positions of power in business, government, politics, education and religion in order to perpetuate the myth of scarcity. They make sure the law of abundance works for them alone. Looking back at our history you can recognize that this has been happening. We have been fed a lot of half-truths about our work ethic through religion and our education system—that it’s our fault we haven’t “made it” because we didn’t work hard enough. This has been by design to keep us under control.

The elites have been able to accomplish this through their mastery of the earth’s energy. They have managed to use the law of abundance only for themselves. They understand how to turn energy back on the rest of us and they do so regularly. How many times have you been on the verge of really being happy, wealthy or healthy and been smacked down? You have been a recipient of this energy reversal. They further manipulate the energy to convince us that there is something inherently wrong with us so we blame ourselves when things don’t work out. Ultimately this leads to a lack of self confidence on our part, further keeping us down. They have been able to manipulate the power of the law of abundance to only support them and their network while the rest of the world struggles or starves.

The good news is that the energy of the planet has shifted and they are no longer able to manipulate the energy around us. This happened around 2008. The earth’s energy has shifted to a point where it supports those who look for the “light” and who turn away from darkness. That means that people who have good intentions of “love” and to help others will be successful and those who steal or cheat to gain their positions of power are no longer supported by the earth’s energy field. If you watch recent news events, you can see this play out.

We far outnumber the elites, and as we become aware of what is going on we instantly take back our own power. They will do anything in their power to keep us unaware of what has been going on so that they can stay in control.

I share this information with you so that you will really start to have the confidence that the law of abundance can work to help you in your endeavors. The energy is increasing steadily to support you over the coming weeks, months and years. The more people who are aware of this shift, the faster the elites will lose their power. There is a new era of fairness, equity and justice coming our way.

I hope that you have gained something of value with this article. If you would like to comment or if you have a question, you can contact me here.

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