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Life Lessons are Part of
Your Life Plan

Life lessons are those times in your life that are the most challenging. They are the times that you would like to disappear. Most of us spend a lot of time and effort in trying to avoid those times which are life lessons because they are the hardest times in our lives.

Life Lessons Can Bring Challenging Change

If we only realized that these times are the most valuable times of our lives. Learning how to cope with these lessons are the very reason that we came here to earth. When you are in the middle of the most chaotic, challenging times of your life you are actually doing what you came here to accomplish. When you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and inadequate you are stretching the limits of what you know in order to have an outcome that is satisfactory to you. This is when the learning begins.

It is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, I know. Change is the most difficult feeling that you can have. When we go through change we’re never sure of the outcome. If you’re like me, you are rather conservative in your approach to new life situations and you go there with caution.

We have soul agreements with those in our lives to bring these issues to the surface. When you have experiences with these people in your life they are only fulfilling their soul agreement with you.

Understanding this can help you see past any anger or frustration that you may have with these people in your life. It will bring you to a non-judgmental place where you can objectively observe the issue at hand. Once you can do this, you are well on your way to learning a life lesson.

One of the biggest life lessons I have ever had to learn was about being recognized. In job after job I would perform brilliantly. However there was a recurring theme in all of my positions. That was that someone else would get the credit and inevitably the promotion that I deserved. It was extremely frustrating and I found a lot of other people to blame for this situation. It was only after extensive past life regression work that I discovered I had an innate fear of being recognized that I had carried into this lifetime. In prior lifetimes I had been threatened with death if I were discovered. Therefore, I had a frequency pattern within my cellular structure that protected me from being recognized. Once I understood the problem, I was able to eliminate that frequency pattern and replace it with one of deserving-ness. I was finally able to get the recognition and promotions that I deserved.

If you would like to recognize what lessons you came here to learn, take a look at situations that continue to occur in your life. Usually these situations get worse and worse as time goes on. Your body has a sort of alarm clock that gets louder and louder to call these situations to your attention. Let's say that a woman has a habit of picking the wrong men in her life. If this is a life lesson that she needs to learn, the men she picks will get worse and worse as time goes on. To find out the core issue behind this behavior, she should ask herself how it feels each time she makes this mistake. Does she feel inadequate, abused, or angry? The emotion is the key to the issue that must be resolved. The life lesson involves this emotion. She should look for that emotion coming up in other areas of her life. That would be the core issue that needs to be resolved.

If you can start looking at those trying times in your life as opportunities to grow, you will find that these life lessons become very clear to you. It is our resistance to change or to admitting that we have to correct something within us that prevents us from seeing the lessons we came here to learn. If you would like to make a comment or ask a question, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

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