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Music and Meditations

You can purchase and download music and meditations here:

This music selection from Enigma contains towering themes, rich tones and will raise your personal frequency just by listening. It is great for driving to work or using as a pre-meditation tool.

To purchase from iTunes, click below:

MCMXC a.D. - Enigma

Kojiki is a new age classic and is Kitaro at his best. High and low tones with pleasing synthesizers will massage you from head to toe and open up your energy centers.

To purchase from iTunes, click below:

Kojiki - KITARO

For jazz fans, Secret Story is a classic Pat Metheny album that will delight your senses and open your mind to new possibilities.

To purchase from iTunes, click below:

Secret Story - Pat Metheny

About the Author of this Website

My name is Carolyn Jolly. My professional life has been in sales, marketing and IT management. Along the way I’ve been studying and experimenting with self improvement and personal development techniques for the past 20 years. I have had more than a few mind-blowing experiences and I’ve made some discoveries that have shaped my ideas. I’m now using this website to pass those ideas along.

Our world is changing very rapidly. Many of the constants and institutions we thought to be permanent are now crumbling or changing drastically. This website is dedicated to those interested in how to manage their lives in light of these changes or in just becoming a better person. I hope the information you find here will stimulate you to embark on your own voyage of motivation and self improvement.

I hope that you will find something here that interests you. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me here.

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