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Five Steps to Overcoming Fear Now

We have all, at one time or another, been faced with overcoming fear. As spiritual beings that are having a physical experience, many of our most common fears have to do with the physical body. If we find ourselves in an unsafe situation, these fears are legitimate as our bodies will react to keep us safe. But sometimes we transfer the fear response to the non-physical areas of our lives. I believe we have these non-physical, non-legitimate fears because we learned over lifetimes that the fear response would keep us safe. But we have somehow transferred this to a situation that is not really life-threatening. That does not mean that it doesn’t feel non-threatening, but from a logical standpoint, we know that it is not.

The physical response to fear includes sweating, increased heart rate and high adrenaline levels and is referred to as the “fight-or-flight” syndrome. Many people experience this from non-physical fears. Let’s take the fear of public speaking for example. No one will die or be physically harmed if we stand in front of a group of people to speak and nothing comes out of our mouths. The reaction inside of our bodies in this situation, however, is the same as if the saber-tooth tiger were in our path. But it’s important that we find ways of overcoming fear if we are to function well in this world. A psychologist’s approach to overcoming fear is to de-sensitize their clients from non-rational fears by exposing them to the fear-inducing situation a little bit at a time.

But I prefer a different approach that I think it is easier, faster and less painful. I think that you can access the frequency patterns of such fears and move through those patterns, allowing you to relax when such fears come up. Regarding the saber-tooth tiger type fears, I would suggest that you keep your reaction to those fears as it may keep you alive. Here is my method for overcoming fear:

Five Steps to Overcoming Fear

  1. This process will take from 30 minutes to one hour of your time, access to some music through earphones or ear buds, and a lounge chair or your bed. You can find some appropriate selections here. You should find a quiet time and place where you won’t be disturbed or have to explain your actions to any naysayers.
  2. Listen to some music that has a wide range of notes in it. Be sure to include very low notes (bass guitar or drums) with very high notes (stringed instruments). I suggest instrumental music only as the human voice tends to have a mixture of frequencies, whereas instruments are rather pure frequencies. Each note on the musical scale corresponds to one of your energy centers. You can find some musical selections and playlists here. As you listen, the vibrations from the music will lightly massage the energy centers of your body and prepare you for this process of overcoming fear.
  3. Next, take a walk in nature. Start to breathe deeply as you walk and really observe all of the natural surroundings and really relax. If it’s cold or too hot outside and a walk would be unpleasant, pull up some nature pictures on your  computer screen and really concentrate on their beauty. Start to breathe deeply and imagine yourself walking in the nature pictures.
  4. The next step to overcoming fear is to return to your home and lie down on the lounge chair or the bed. Make sure you are comfortable. If you need a light blanket get one before you lie down. Start to breathe deeply and breathe for about 3 minutes. Now I want you to imagine your worst fear. We will use the example of public speaking but you should substitute your greatest fear. Imagine that you are on the podium in front of the crowd. You open your mouth to speak and nothing comes out! Your worst fears are realized as the crowd first stares, gets restless and then laughs! They are laughing at you. You turn from the podium and run out of the room. Your head is pounding, heart is racing, and your mouth is dry. A feeling of panic starts in the pit of your stomach and rises up through your throat and into your head.
  5. Continue to experience this feeling of panic. Let it intensify and continue to experience it. Just continue to feel it throughout your body. Continue on and in a few minutes the feelings of panic will start to subside, I promise. Continue on until those feelings subside, usually just a few  minutes. Now lie there and relax your body. After a period of time, your body will relax and you will start to feel wonderful. Enjoy your newfound peace.

After a few days, lie down and relax. Once again, imagine your worst fear. If you start to get the fear response in any way, let the feeling intensify like you did before until it subsides. Check every couple of days for any fear response. Repeat the above process if necessary.

I have found this process to be very effective in overcoming fear. I hope that it works for you. If you would like to ask me a question or send a comment, you can reach me here. 

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