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Passive Income - We all want it; How can we get it?

Passive income is something that we all start thinking about just as soon as we realize that we have signed on to work for someone else for the rest of our lives. Passive income is described as income that:

  • Is from a business that does not require the active participation of the owner
  • Royalties from publishing music or a book, licensing a patent, or other forms of intellectual property
  • Property rental income
  • Earnings from Internet advertisements on web sites

Let’s take a look at the various types of income listed above and how easy they are to obtain for the average person. Owning a business that does not require time and effort through our active participation would require a substantial cash investment or having a rich uncle. And writing music or books or inventing the next great light bulb is probably not in the cards for most of us.

Passive Income from Your Website is Like
Having Rental Property

Rental property has always been a good form of passive income for regular people. Even this can be limiting for many people, however, because the price of real estate is prohibitive and it requires the ability to maintain property over time.

I believe that the Internet has opened an entirely new way to earn passive income for regular people by generating income from advertising on one’s own website. I believe it is the new real estate for our time.

Earning income from advertising on the Internet is much less expensive than purchasing real estate so this method of earning passive income is more accessible to more people. An income-producing website can gain equity or value over time just like real estate. That same website can be sold for a profit just like real estate.

Also like real estate, the success of your website is totally dependent on location, location, location. Kind of like in the retail real estate business, that means people must be able and want to find you on the internet in order to purchase from you.

Making Money from Your Website is Like
Having Rental Property

If you can draw traffic to your website, you have your choice among literally thousands of affiliate program products to sell. These include brand name products that will be ordered, packed, shipped and collected for you. You don’t have to design any products unless you want to.

In the uncertain economic times that we live in, everyone must start thinking of a cottage industry business where they can earn money through passive income. I can’t think of a better way to do this than to design your own website. If you feel uncertain about your job, don’t make enough income from your job, or are in need of retirement income, you should start thinking about designing your own website right now. Maybe you are just bored with your job and want to do something that is more interesting. These are all reasons to pursue earning passive income through your own website.

It takes a lot of work, but I know that many of you are not afraid of hard work. The big mystery has been, up until now, what steps can you take to design a website that is successful? I have the answer for you and I’m thrilled to share it with you and other people who want to learn how to build traffic to a website.

Site Build It Has All the Tools You Need

If you have dreamed of having your own website and earning a living from it, I recommend joining Site Build It.

I struggled for a long time to figure out how to attract customers to a website. You can read my story right here. Maybe you have been reading some of the same hype on the Internet that misled me. I would like to spare you the frustration and expense that I went through before I found the real thing.

The answer for me has been something called Site Build It. Site Build It is a wonderful website building program that will teach you everything step-by-step from selecting a subject for your website, picking the best domain name, building a site, hosting that site, monetizing that site, monitoring that website, and running your website business on a daily basis. It is more than just a website builder--it is the best website builder. It will teach you how to run your own small business and to be profitable.

Your investment is as low as $300 a year. You can also sign up for $29.99 per month if you do not have $300 to spare.

It is the best value you will find on the web. The amount of knowledge is impressive and there has not been a question that has not been answered for me through SBI. I’m learning something new every time I read the SBI forum.

You will get what you put into your website. If you follow the SBI instructions to the letter, you can be successful like thousands of others have already been successful. Eventually you will be able to support yourself through the income from your website/websites. SBI has statistics to prove their claims that their websites are the most successful on the web.You can read about them here: Site Build It. It would cost many thousands of dollars to purchase this type of information through SEO (search engine optimization) consultants. Even then, you would be left to figure out how to run your business on your own. SBI is available 24 hours a day to support you.

I hope that you will pursue building your own website in order to create passive income for your future. I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. If you have any questions or comments and would like to contact me I would love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

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