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Positive Self Talk Will
Keep You Motivated 

Positive self talk can become your secret weapon to stay motivated and happy throughout your workday. Expressing positive thoughts to yourself is like preparing the soil of your life. Think of it this way. You can plant the seed of possibility in your life, but the seed cannot sprout and grow without moisture and fertilizer. Think of the positive self talk exercises as preparing the soil with moisture and fertilizer. When you set your sales goals, you have already planted the seed. Once you establish your goals, you should review them every morning. If you don’t seem to be making progress in achieving them, listen to your own self talk.

Do You Practice Positive Self Talk?

To start a program of positive self talk, observe how you respond to everyone in your life. Is your life an example of positive self talk? Are you getting mad and yelling at your spouse, partner, kids, or the guy who cut you off in traffic? Are you silently seething at your unreasonable boss or client? This is like planting poison in the soil of your goal-setting flower bed, rather than preparing the soil for growth. Maybe you are not a verbal person. You keep it together on the outside for other people, but you beat yourself up in your own head. This is also like putting poison into the soil. Our lives are a virtual hologram where every activity, thought, deed or word spoken affects other parts of our lives. You may not see this happening, but if your positive self talk isn't as positive as it should be, it is true.

Try this instead. Start talking to yourself in a positive way. When someone does something stupid in traffic, keep your cool, give them a little wave and say to yourself something like, “He must be distracted and not paying attention. I’m being the bigger person by slowing down/swerving to avoid an accident.” Then congratulate yourself for rising above it and practice a little positive self talk.

If you are angry or upset with your family, try this. “I love my husband/wife/kids/friend. I am blessed to have them in my life.” Recall something that person has done that you loved and relive it in your mind. Many times we get caught thinking that we are required to be judgmental of those we love, that it’s somehow “right” for us to do so. If you can release your judgment and see that person in a holistic way, in the way that sparked your love for them in the first place, you are preparing the soil of your life.

If you’re mad at your boss, try some positive self talk detailing the good qualities he/she has. You say your boss has no redeeming qualities? Then think of the good things about your job like, “I love my bi-weekly paycheck, it provides for me and my family. I love my health benefits. I love being employed.” Eventually you’ll start to feel better and you can continue on with some positive self talk about your boss.

If you are self-employed, positive self talk becomes more important. Maybe you’re having thoughts of “I can’t do this. I’m afraid. I’ll never make enough sales to survive.” The answer here is obvious, but it’s very important that you do this methodically. Try these thoughts whenever you get scared, apprehensive, feel alone, feel threatened, or receive bad news. Say this every morning, without fail:

I’m the best sales person in the world.I love selling and finding new clients.Today is the best day I’ve had yet. Selling gets easier and easier.Selling is my FAVORITE activity.I help my clients and they respond by giving me business.I have all the business I need and want. Every selling action I take comes back to me tenfold in sales.

You can add to this list with your own positive thoughts. Write it down and say them every morning. Rather than repeating each one over and over, I’m in favor of making it a sort of story that you build in your mind, saying each phrase once and going to the next one. Sit back and relax, close your eyes and go over the story in your mind and really feel what it feels like to have this be true. You say, well, I feel strange because it isn’t true. I would like to remind you that it’s OK to “fake it till you make it”. The best way to build faith is to act like you have faith. So, go ahead and act like you have faith. You’ll see things start to get better in your life if you practice just this one method, I promise you.

Don’t forget to include other areas in your life in these positive thoughts. If you’re having health issues, include things like “I am in perfect health”. Or, if you’re trying to lose weight, include things like “I am my perfect weight”. You may find that as you do this, you experience a kind of euphoria. This is terrific and means you are making progress. Enjoy it--don’t feel guilty because these positive statements may not really reflect your current life. It is reflective of your life, it’s just a level you haven’t yet reached. If you do these exercises every morning, you will reach these levels.

Here’s a recap of the Positive Self Talk Process: 

  • Listen and observe how you react to situations and people throughout the day.
  • Purposely change any negative thoughts or reactions to these events, even if emotionally you don’t feel that way, to positive reactions. Make this a habit.
  • Make a list of positive statements about your life, such as “I’m the best sales person in the world,” or “Every selling action I take comes back to me tenfold in booked business”. Every morning and before bed each night, repeat this list to yourself. 
  • Relax and “feel what it feels like” to have this already happen.Tell yourself that your positive thought list reflects what your life really is, it may just be a level you haven’t yet reached. You’ll find that you will reach this level much more quickly.

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