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Quantum Physics is Important
to Your Spiritual Awakening

Quantum physics plays a big part in your spiritual awakening. We are all familiar with Newtonian physics as it deals with the reality of physical matter that we know. We know that if we want to make any type of change to physical matter it is going to require another physical tool to make that change. As an example, we must have a pick and shovel to move a mound or a mountain; we must use physical strength to move furniture from one place to another; we must use the physical force of heat to melt an iceberg.

Quantum Physics Teaches Us
that Everything is Energy

The earth is subject to a series of natural laws that are related to matter. As such, we know that when we make that physical change it will stay that way—or maybe it won’t. The mound that we moved can be reversed by a landslide. The furniture that we moved can be undone by an earthquake. The physical phenomenon of temperature can re-form the iceberg.

Newtonian physics deals with the world of matter. Gravity, mass, weight and things that we can touch, taste, smell, hear and see are all aspects of matter itself. Quantum physics deals in the world of energy: energy waves made up of sub-atomic particles like electrons, protons, neutrons and quarks. It goes beyond what we can observe through our five senses to things that we cannot see or feel.

It’s important to understand a few basic principles of quantum physics in order for you to have confidence in the process you will go through in your spiritual awakening. Everything is a wave pattern made of up of energy waves and every wave pattern has a unique frequency and emits a unique vibration. You should start thinking of things around you and within you as patterns made up of frequencies. This is true for physical objects but it also extends to thoughts, concepts and ideas.

This pattern can be observed as a specific energy field. As you grow spiritually, you will find yourself able to “sense” this pattern or move beyond the five individual senses to a “sixth sense” and sense the energy itself. Psychics can do this and others who are spiritually developed. They are able to see auras, hear frequencies, smell energies in the room, etc. There are a number of books that can help you learn to do this.

Everything starts in the energy field and moves to physical matter. This is why alternative medicine works when disease is still in the energy field. Once disease moves to the physical level (think of cancer) it can still be healed on the energy level, but it is much more difficult. Once a frequency pattern has moved to the physical level, it becomes more permanent, as it has become mired in the concepts of matter itself. Then it’s necessary to use more physical concepts such as radiation energy or surgery to kill the cancer cells. Energy healing is still necessary to keep the cancer from recurring in another part of the body.

This principles of quantum physics are also true for life concepts. For example, let’s say you have a frequency pattern within you of “I don’t support myself”. You will find it difficult to get a job. Let’s say that, even with this pattern, you manage to land a great job in a great location with great benefits. If you don’t address this limiting frequency pattern, you will eventually lose this job and find yourself looking for another. On the other hand, let’s say you have a frequency pattern of “I support myself”. You may also lose your job, but you will continue to find better and better jobs with more ease than if you have the pattern of “I don’t support myself”. You are also an excellent candidate to be an entrepreneur.

Quantum physics explains our lives in other ways. For example, there is the concept that the “observer” can affect that which is observed. Quantum physics and Newtonian physics would answer the question of “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a noise?” very differently. Newtonian followers would answer, “yes, of course, matter striking matter makes a specific noise whether anyone is present or not”. The quantum follower would say “if no observer is there to observe it, noise is unnecessary and irrelevant”.

As you move ahead on your spiritual journey, you will undoubtedly become familiar with the concept of “you create your own reality”. When you think of what quantum physics has to say about the observer, you will know that it is true—there simply is no reality if you, the observer, can’t observe it. This concept is difficult for many newly-awakened individuals to embrace, as most of our social framework trains us to embrace a victim mentality. As you pursue spiritual awakening, however, you will find that “you create your own reality” is very empowering and no longer frightening. It gives you control over what is happening in your life. As you learn new techniques to have power over your life and your existence, you will have powerful experiences that will convince you that you do indeed create your own reality.

As you progress on your spiritual journey, you will find yourself relying on the energy of what is happening and assign less importance to the things that you can see, hear, feel, smell or touch. You will also find that your five senses will become more heightened. You can do this by starting to learn to relax and enjoy the earth and everything in it. A program of deep meditation will enable you to start feeling or sensing the energy of thoughts, concepts and situations and to sense the energy fields surrounding them. 

As an example, after I started a program of meditation and self hypnosis, I was able to see and read the auras surrounding the people in my life. I was in business at the time and I remember observing the various people sitting around a conference table and being able to tell what they were thinking about the subject being discussed. A large expansive aura with multiple colors meant that they were open and receptive to what was going on. A very small, tight white aura concentrated around the head of only two or three inches indicated someone who was relying only on their brain to make decisions. It usually meant this person felt uncomfortable or threatened by the subject at hand. It could also mean they felt overwhelmed or angry. By asking my higher self a series of yes-or-no questions, I could determine what emotion they were feeling. In my job of selling consulting services, this gave me a great competitive edge.

Quantum physics opened up many new doors for the exploration of spiritual issues by explaining in terms of science that everything is made up of different types of energy. As you continue your spiritual journey, you will find more and more ways to apply the principles of quantum physics.

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