Ten Self Motivation Tips to
Change Your Life Now!

This page is written for those who need immediate help and some self motivation tips. Forget about goal setting (for now) and any other lofty language about self motivation--we'll talk about defining motivation, positive affirmations and specific personal motivation skills later. If you need immediate help, try these ten tips for the next ten days and then observe how your life has changed. Write down the changes in a personal motivation notebook. Continue with what works and discard what doesn’t. Here are my 10 tips for self motivation:

Ten Tips for Instant Self Motivation

  1. Your self motivation program starts the night before. Try to get to bed early. If you are tired or sleepy any parts of the day (even if it’s from boredom) remember that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth more than an hour of sleep after midnight. So rearrange your schedule to go to bed earlier.
  2. Also the night before, you’re going to plan the next day. In your personal motivation notebook, write down what you plan to do tomorrow. With each activity make sure it is framed in a positive way, i.e. instead of “prepare monthly report” write down “prepare monthly report—knock my boss’s socks off”. You get the idea. At the end of your list write down “something great happens that I don’t know about”.
  3. Just before falling off to sleep, go over the list in your mind and dwell a few minutes on how good it will feel when you knock your boss’s socks off and when that “something” great happens. It’s OK to feel this way—just put any fears or guilt about feeling this way out of your mind by refusing to give such thoughts energy. Keep concentrating on how great your list feels. Your self motivation program is kicking in already.
  4. At the end of your daily plan, write down any issues or problems that have been bugging you and causing you to be less than self-motivated. Go ahead and write them down, it doesn’t matter how big or complex they seem to be. Now it’s time for sweet dreams. Just before falling asleep tell yourself that you are going to gain new insight into the list of issues or problems that you just wrote down.
  5. Fall asleep to some music that concentrates on the higher music octaves. You can find some good selections here: (the best self motivation music) This will open up the higher centers of your mind and prepare your subconscious mind for problem solving.
  6. The next morning, lie in bed after the alarm goes off for a few minutes. Read over your daily plan and once again feel how good it will feel when things go your way. Now get up and get ready for the day feeling very self-motivated.
  7. Eat something for breakfast that has a decent amount of protein in it. If you are a coffee drinker, think about giving it up. Feeling nervous or jittery will definitely interfere with your self motivation. Here’s a good tip: Don’t give it up cold turkey, that’s too hard. Instead, make every other cup you drink a cup of decaf. Pretty soon you won’t be able to taste (or feel) the difference. You will cut your caffeine consumption in half immediately. After about a month, you can start drinking decaf exclusively. If you are a heavy coffee drinker you’ll find that you will now only want 1-2 cups per day and the detox process was painless. Eventually you won’t even want the decaf and you can substitute fruit juice or water.
  8. On the way to work, put a peppy CD in the slot or use your iPod on the subway or train. I have always found that U-2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” gets me up and going. There are some other good selections here: (the best self-motivation music) You should have music to start your day that runs the musical scale from low notes to high notes and that makes you feel good. This is designed to open your energy centers and help you to think clearly. If you go to lunch later in your car, play some more of this type of music. Do not listen to the news or any talk shows on the way to work—the problems of the world are not yours to solve. Managing your day and being self-motivated is.
  9. Now you’re on the job and ready to face the day. Suddenly your phone rings and a huge problem comes up that is unexpected and nowhere on your daily plan. What to do? Take a minute to jot down the problem in your personal notebook and do what you did the night before: i.e. “my best customer didn’t get their shipment on time—and I knocked my boss’s socks off by solving the problem”. Take a minute to feel how good it feels to have solved the problem. Now proceed to deal with the problem--you can do it because you're self-motivated! As you go through your day and perform each item on your daily plan, check off each item as they are finished.
  10. At the end of your day, do the steps outlined in steps 1-5 again, but add something to it. As you make your plan for the next day, add one more step: feel how great it feels to have ticked off the items in your daily plan and tell yourself: I’m the best, most qualified person on earth who could have accomplished this. Now get busy planning your next day.

Something else to consider: if your environment is cluttered and unorganized, you are going to find it difficult to follow this plan. If this is your situation, you need to spend the time it takes to clean your home, office or other workplace.

I wish the best for you with your self motivation plan. Please let me know if you follow this program and how it works out for you. I invite you to send me any comments or questions. You can contact me here.

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