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Thought Vibration is the Basis for the Success of Positive Thinking

Thought Vibration is a concept that supports the concept of positive thinking. If you think of it this way, thoughts are actual things and have a frequency and a vibration that is unique to them. Thoughts that are happy, light, supportive, encouraging, hopeful, possible, inquisitive, or informational are of a very high frequency. Those thoughts that are fearful, angry, resentful, duplicitous, untrue, critical, or threatening are of a very low frequency. Any thoughts that have a basis in fear are low frequency vibrations.

Controlling our Thought Vibration Opens Us to Possibility

High frequency thoughts expand our thinking and open us to possibility. Low frequency thoughts narrow our thinking and close down our possibility fields, leaving us unable to see or experience a wide range of possible pathways. High frequency thoughts allow us to attract high frequency concepts. Low frequency thoughts keep us mired in a low frequency neighborhood. If you have ever visited a high crime area, you can feel or sense the low frequency of fear. That is because you are feeling the sum total of the fears of the people who live there or those who have passed through and the thought vibration they have created. On the other hand, perhaps you have visited a chapel or other sacred place and noticed that the feeling there was very light and airy. Again, it is because the people who visited there were in a peaceful frame of mind when visited.

High frequency thoughts will attract other high frequency thought vibration concepts. High frequency concepts include all the things we humans desire, things like money, abundance, good health, happiness, cooperation, strength, and high energy. If you fill your mind with thought vibrations that are very high, you will attract high frequency concepts into your life. On the other hand, if you stay in a low frequency neighborhood, you will continue to attract low frequency concepts into your life. High frequency thought vibrations raise your personal frequency, the frequency of those around you and the frequency of your space.

I am very sensitive to low level frequencies and I will give you an illustration of this. When I visited the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris we got off of the Metro and went straight into the church without looking around. I was quite surprised when I noticed a very low level energy in the church. It was strong and pervasive and I started to feel my throat close up. I had to go outside to get fresh air and get away from the church. When I looked up and down the street I realized that we were just a few doors down from the famous Bastille prison. Then I understood – the low level feelings of people who were wrongly imprisoned and put to death there permeated the entire block, even the church. The low level frequencies still persist after many hundreds of years.

Would you like to have a way to keep your thoughts positive? We all know the power of positive thinking. Perhaps you try and try to find it difficult to keep your thoughts positive. Here is an exercise that will help you stay positive.

Make a list of words that describe how would like your life to be. Here is a possible list of words: Money, abundance, love, perfect career, perfect marriage, children, loving relationships, friends, dream house, peace, prosperity, perfect health.

Now make a list of words that describe situations that you don’t wish to attract: poverty, scarcity, rejection, divorce, conflict, no friends, no choices, disease.

Take a few minutes to consider each word by itself and feel what it feels like to experience that in your life. Go back and forth between the two lists so you can compare and contrast the difference. Observe which words have high frequency (airy, light, warm, expansive) and low frequency (dark, confining, closed, fearful). You’ll soon understand and experience the difference in the level of frequency.

There is no reason to experience low level frequencies. If you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel bad, you can quickly switch your frequency level by experiencing the exact opposite of that feeling. It’s the best way to attract good things into your life.

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