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Create Passive Income and Work From Home Like Me

Take This Job and . . .You Know the Rest!  Wouldn't You Rather Work from Home?

Have you ever wanted to own your own business and work from home? Do you dream of being your own boss? I’ll bet a lot of you are like me. I worked in corporate America for over 30 years and dreamed of having my own business every day so I could work from home. When the Internet became popular, I started to think of ways to make money online.

And so I began my quest to figure out how to make money online. I went through several iterations of websites, each one looking better than the last. But the story was always the same--no one came to visit my pretty little websites.

Finally, I spent a great deal of money with flash technology to create something really gorgeous. I hosted it on Yahoo.

Can Anybody Figure Out this Web Traffic Thing?

I was still trying to figure out how to bring traffic to my new website. Since I had spent the last seven years of my career in high tech, I asked all of my techie friends how to build traffic. I was amazed when none of them could answer my question. It seemed that only a few slick salesmen on the Internet actually understood how to bring traffic to a website. And they were charging big bucks in order to find out their so-called secrets. I even signed up with one of these outfits only to learn that they were selling a very high pressure program that was designed to trick people into buying a questionable product. This wasn’t for me.

Then I heard about blogging so I went to WordPress and created a new blog. I thought that surely the bloggers knew something that I did not know about creating traffic. It turns out that they knew nothing and my blog just sat there with no traffic just like my website. My dream to work from home seemed to be fading. What I learned is that most blogs never reach high enough traffic levels to create a successful business. At this point, I was quite frustrated with the whole web phenomenon.

Hark! A Ray of Light--a Hero Appears Named
Ken Evoy, Founder of Site Build It!

Then I discovered something called Site Build It I signed up for a monthly charge of $29.99 (yearly cost is $300). It seems that this site would show me how to build my website so that keywords would be found by Google and other search engines. Not only that, they would teach me how to write so that Google would find my site through search criteria. This seemed too good to be true. Once I signed up I started the 10-day tutorial. It took me a lot longer than 10 days to get through the tutorial because it was so information-packed. But even half way through the tutorial I had a website up and running. Within a week, I had more traffic than I had for seven years with my other website! There was also a wonderful forum with a ton of information and success stories for me to emulate.

If you have dreamed of having your own web site, working from home and earning a living from it, I recommend Site Build It

SBI's the Best and They Can Prove it!

SBI takes you through the process of building a site, maintaining it, building traffic, selecting products, and selling products. You won’t have to search out the answers to any other questions, as they’re all addressed on this site. Soon you’ll find a trickle of business coming through. As your traffic builds the trickle becomes a stream and the stream can soon become a mighty river of passive income. There are a lot of success stories with SBI and here are some of them: SBI Case Studies Site Build It is the only web site builder that can verify their success. Over 70% of SBI sites are in the top 3% of all websites. It takes a while to build your site and learn the ropes so that you can be successful selling products. And I will not kid you, it takes a lot of work in the beginning. But if you stick with it, you can turn your favorite hobby into a home-based business.

I took my website from a hobby-based website into a money-making website, and I work from home. What started out as a hobby will become my retirement income. I became disabled about 10 years ago, with no opportunity to finish out my career and save enough money to retire comfortably, so I needed to create an income and work from home. I am very grateful to find SBI so that I can continue my work through the Internet.

Passive income - We all want it; How can we get?

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Our world is changing very rapidly. Many of the constants and institutions we thought to be permanent are now crumbling or changing drastically. This website is dedicated to those interested in how to manage their lives in light of these changes or in just becoming a better person. I hope the information you find here will stimulate you to embark on your own voyage of motivation and self improvement.

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